Publication Ethics

Statement of Ethics

 The statements adapted from Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) to cover codes of ethics for editors, peer reviewers and authors . The research articles should respect principles of research ethics as described in Declaration of Helsinki and fulfill the principles of Good Clinical Pactice (GCP).



  1. Editors carry out tasks to assess the substance of the articles from research findings and literature studies, which include originality, the coherence of the discussion with raised issues, last updated theory/bibliography,  the suitability of the research method, accuracy of facts, error counting and interpreting, decision-making: whether an article to be accepted, correction suggested or rejected 
  2. should guarantee the confidentiality of the submitted manuscriptEnsure that all published papers have been reviewed by qualified peer reviewer
  3. Prioritize the accuracy, completeness and clarity of research and development results including editing techniques and the use of appropriate guidelines
  4. Publish guidelines for author and update it regularly
  5. Retract the publication of an article that has unreliable information (e.g due to procedural error, miscalculation or misstatement of data), has been published elsewhere, contains plagiarism.
  6. Do the work in timely manner and should notify secretary if they can not complete the work

  Peer reviewer

  1. Obtain the editor's task to review articles and submit the review to the editorfor eligibility checking
    Review papers based on scientific principle (method of data collection, author legality, conclusions, etc.).
    Review the revised article according to the correction suggested.
  2. Maintain the privacy of authors by not distributing the results of corrections, suggestions, and recommendations
  3. Ensure the principle of truth, novelty, and authenticity of the articles; prioritizes the benefits of writing for the development of science, technology, and innovation; as well as understand the influence of the article on science development.
  4. Do the work in timely manner and should notify secretary if they can not complete the work
  5. should not accept to review the manuscripts in which there is potential conflict of  interest to the authors


  1. submit original works only
  2. The material of this article has never been published and author has never given copyright to the article to anyone
  3. The material of the article submitted to BIMFI editor has complied with the applicable publishing policy
  4. The article does not contain plagiarism
  5. Author to grant all copyright and license ownership of the article to BIMFI to reproduce, distribute, sale, reuse, and quote part or all of the articles, including the compilation or independence publication, in any form of current or future media, including all electronic and digital media, under applicable law protection in the Republic of Indonesia and the foreign State
  6.  Author to give authority to other parties to use articles as it should be the property of BIMFI since the date of the article accepted for publication